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Indivualist Feminism

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A community for the Individualist Feminist.

ifeminist welcomes everyone. We encourages discussions, debates, arguments, the sharing of anecdotes, and whatever else you have to offer that is relevant (and the slightly irrelevant is welcome, too... but in moderation, please!).

How is Ifeminism different than feminism?

Ifeminism is feminism that celebrates the individual woman: and specifically, her independence, self-reliance, strength, and intelligence, and ability to make decisions without government intervention or assistance.

Ifeminists are typically cautious about or weary of the power invested in the government and do not rely on the government to solve culture-related problems.

Ifeminists believe that getting special treatment from the government works against women by making them dependent on a paternalistic system. Ifeminists believe that women can be equal without government assistance.

Ifeminism purports that all human beings have equal rights - regardless of gender - under just law.

Ifeminists encourage equal rights and equal opportunities for everybody, regardless of gender (no oppression and no special treatment).

Ifeminism is a subcategory of the individualism. It is also called libertarian feminism.

From Ifeminists.net:

What is ifeminism?
Individualist feminism, or ifeminism, advocates the equal treatment of men and women as individuals under just law. The core principle of individualist feminism is that all human beings have a moral and legal claim to their own persons and property. It is sometimes called libertarian feminism.

Sometimes the inequality works to women's advantage, as in affirmative action laws. Do you oppose them as well?
Equality means neither privilege nor oppression, for men or women. Besides which, it hardly benefits women to have a paternalistic state treat them as children or "lesser" human beings who need state assistance to become equal.

The fundamental values that libertarians stand for are individual liberty, individual responsibility and individual property, and that no person or government official should force their morals or way of life on another person.

Libertarianism advocates the idea a small federal government that is limited to its powers and responsibilities as defined in the Constitution, and not much more.

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